Fact Sheet

Release Date: TBA


PC: Steam

Developer: Edoardo Ventisette Location: Campi Bisenzio, Italy Publisher: none


Website Twitter Discord

Contacts: General/Business/Press: [email protected]

About the Game

The Inspector - a short-form first-person adventure about exploring the human mind.

The Inspector is a short-form first-person adventure about exploring the human mind. As an Inspector, you have the delicate task of investigating the human mind in search of those elements that will bring our loved ones back to life.

In a not too distant future, people who fall into coma (for any kind of reason) have a new possibility of salvation: in fact, a way to connect to their subconscious has been discovered, finally enabling us to answer some questions yet unanswered: what does it feel like while in a coma? What are the sensations? But especially, is there a way to wake up from this sleep? Yes, there is, finally.

About the Developer

The Inspector is developed by Edoardo Ventisette, a solo indie dev from Italy. During the day he is a freelance architect, working on projects spread all over the world.

99% of the code is done using visual scripting.

Streamers & Content Creators

Keys for review can be requested via DM on Twitter or via mail (see contacts)


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